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14 June, 2023


 July 2023- Admission- Promotional Literature

Common Brochure-1: CLICK HERE



uly 2022- Admission- Promotional Literature

Common Brochure- CLICK HERE

Police & Armed Forces Brochure: Click Here

BCOMAF Brochure: Click Here

Education Programmes: Click here

English Literature Programmes: Click here

 ICAI Programmes- Click here

MBA Poster: Click Here

General Poster: Click here

Tourism Poster: Click Here

Vedic Ganit- Poster- Click Here

Post Graduate Programmes- Brochure: Click Here

BA- Vocational Studies: Click Here

MACSR- Brochure- Click here

PGDAW Brochure- Click Here

Extension of last date- Click here

 Extension of Last Date- Click here


January 2022 Admission-Promotioanl E-brochures prepared by RC, Visakhapatnam

1. Common Brochure- Click here

2. MBA- Click here

3. Online Programmes- Click here

4. MACSR Programme- Click Here

5. Programmes for police personnel- Click here

6. Programmes for Teachers -Click Here

7. ICAI-Programmes- Click here 

8. Programmes on Tourism- Click Here

9 Programmes with Fee exemption (SC/ST)- Click here

10. PG Programmes: Click here

11. BCOMAF- Click here



July 2021 Admissions-Brochures

Common Brochure- Click here

BCOMAF--Click here

General Brochure- Click here

Brochure on PG Programmes- Click here

Brochure on Fee Exemption- Click here

Brochure on MBA-NEW- Click here