22 October, 2019

Regional Centre

  • Promotion of IGNOU Academic Programmes in the territorial limits of Regional Centre.
  • Walk-in admission throughout the year.
  • Pre and Post admission counseling to the learners on academic programmes.
  • Notification regarding Admissions, Re-Registration, Assignment Submission, Examinations and Teleconferencing are being published by Regional Centre in the Media after ascertaining the exact dates from the University.
  • News items on the features of the academic programmes on offer by IGNOU and activities of the regional centre are published in the local media to reach the diversified learner group.
  • Effective Student Support Services and Resolving student queries on priority basis.
  • Co-ordination between IGNOU Head Quarters and the network of Learner Support Centres.
  • Liaison with the State Government, Administration, universities and other Education institutions.
  • Identification of Institutions, Colleges, NGOs, Training Centre for establishment of Learner Support Centres (LSCs).
  • Promoting the region specific need based programmes in particular to target the disadvantaged sections.
  • Admission Counselling for B.Ed. programme,
  • Orientation Programmes for Academic Counsellors.
  • All the Admission work for IGNOU Learners including including Sale of Prospectus, Receipt of Admission applications, Admission Data entry, Issue of admission confirmation letters, ID cards etc.
  • Study Material Distribution to Learners.
  • Assignment response evaluation through LSCs, Organizing Counselling Sessions, Workshops for B.Ed. learners,
  • Term End Examination Notification, Issue of Application and its receipt and data forwarding to IGNOU HQ.
  • Arrangements for conduct of Entrance examination to MP, BED, MED, BSCN and PGDCC programmes of IGNOU.
  • Identification of LSCs for conduct of Term End Examinations, Term End Practical and Appointment of Observers for smooth conduct of examinations.
  • Project Evaluation and conduct of Viva-Voce for the learners of BCA, MCA, MED and MAEDU programmes.
  • Appointment of Coordinators, Programme-in-charge, LSC staff and Academic Counsellors.
  • Phone-in-live interactive Radio counseling programmes through Gyan Vani FM Radio, Visakhapatnam.
  • Tele conferencing, web conferencing and live Gyan Darshan I & II Channels.
  • Touch Screen Suvidha to access the details about IGNOU and its academic programmes
  • Providing career guidance and Placement support to IGNOU learners.
  • Collecting assignment marks/grades from SCs and transmitting it to Head Quarters; Project evaluation.
  • Administration and Monitoring of existing Study Centres/PSC/SSC network.
  • Identification of Academic Counsellors and their renewal
  • Conduct of Coordinators/PICs Meeting
  • Online Student Support Services and Promotional activities through Facebook social media.
  • Orientation programme to the Academic Counsellors of IGNOU.
  • Awareness camps about ODL system of IGNOU.
  • Conduct of Seminar/Conference on ODL system.